Do I Have Time for Adult Braces?

Life can feel like it’s flying by. Between your job, home, family, social life, and what limited free time you can find, there aren’t many moments left over for personal care. But tending to the way you look and feel is one of the key routes to success. And if you’ve been dealing with crooked […]

Diabetes and Dental Health

In the U.S., diabetes is a serious problem. Today, more than 29 million people in the country have diabetes, and 1 in 3 adults have prediabetes (their blood sugar is higher than normal and without lifestyle/diet changes, they will likely go on to develop diabetes). If you or a loved one is diabetic, it’s crucial that […]

Tools to Visualize Your Perfect Smile

Reaching the point where you’re ready to change your smile is already a big step. You’ve acknowledged that things aren’t what you’d like them to be, and you’re ready to make a difference. But now there’s a more difficult task at hand – figuring out what your perfect smile should look like. With a world of […]

What is Digital Dentistry?

The next time you receive a crown, it might be made by a computer. Digital dentistry is changing the way we provide care – for the better. We’re only as good as our tools, and computer-aided manufacturing makes it simpler to craft the kinds of restorations that fit and function well, in a fraction of […]

For Kids, Cavities = Bad Grades

School absences can make or break your kids’ educations. The more often they miss class, the further behind they fall, and the harder it is to catch up. While a slew of childhood illnesses is responsible for school absences, tooth decay is actually the biggest problem. How are our kids getting so many cavities? A […]

Moving Past Microbeads

Chances are, you’ve used a product that contains “microbeads,” tiny balls of plastic that are used in some toothpastes, body washes, and beauty products. They seem relatively inoffensive, look pretty enough, and add the sensation of an exfoliating or cleansing boost. Problem is, they’re also a potential threat to your health and to the environment. […]

Your Teeth Have Staying Power

An amazing story about the oldest known case of dentistry has us marveling at human resourcefulness (cleaning a cavity with flint tools and using beeswax fillings!), and also thinking about the power of tooth enamel. Teeth are still intact in many prehistoric remains – the enamel hasn’t been affected by thousands of years passing, and we […]

How Should I Be Flossing?

Many patients skip flossing because it feels like a waste of time. Others are just too busy to find a moment for thorough oral hygiene – and others aren’t really sure how to approach it. It’s time to stop making floss-free excuses! The sooner you start flossing regularly, the sooner you gain heightened protection against […]

Are You Grinding Your Teeth? Here’s Why You Need to Stop

Waking up with a sore jaw, painful teeth, or a headache? You could be grinding your teeth at night Teeth grinding is something that we don’t all know about, but that many of us struggle with. But because the grinding tends to happen at night, we’re not aware of our active jaws and our gnashing […]

Helping Your Kids Build Healthy Teeth

You give your children so much – including great oral health! From the moment their teeth first erupt, you gain a lot of responsibility. The good news is, we’re always here to help. If you need dental advice for your kids, or want to make sure their teeth are developing on schedule, just contact us […]