preserving teeth

An amazing story about the oldest known case of dentistry has us marveling at human resourcefulness (cleaning a cavity with flint tools and using beeswax fillings!), and also thinking about the power of tooth enamel. Teeth are still intact in many prehistoric remains – the enamel hasn’t been affected by thousands of years passing, and we can still see signs of daily life that give us clues about those eras. So what can we do in the present day to help our own teeth see this kind of longevity?

Tooth loss is still a big problem for American adults. But there are concrete, daily steps you can take to help keep it out of your life. Read on for some tips, and schedule your next dental exam today – even if it’s not quite time yet, there’s no harm in getting it on the books!

How to Help Teeth Last a Lifetime

  • Pay attention to your gums – That’s right, your periodontal health is actually the top factor in preventing tooth loss. This is because gum disease causes the weakening of the gum line, to the point that teeth lose support and fall out. Periodontal disease is the #1 cause of tooth loss, and it is highly preventable.
  • Embrace oral hygiene – Your brushing and flossing are your daily duty – they remove bacteria before it can form plaque, which irritates the gums and decays enamel. Do whatever possible to get yourself on a regular oral hygiene regimen; if you don’t like the products you’ve been using, ask us for recommendations.
  • Be vigilant – If something seems like it might be wrong, there’s a likelihood that it is. There’s no harm in getting potential problems checked out.
  • Watch for bruxism – Teeth grinding is rampant among adults, and it also causes enamel wear and gum recession. Chronic bruxing will crack and chip dental work and enamel, and compromise your smile.