What’s the Safest Way to Whiten My Teeth?

We all want that bright, white smile to feel our most confident selves. But whitening your teeth shouldn’t come at a cost to oversensitivity and harming your enamel. Whitening your teeth can be done safely and effectively, if you whiten correctly. Is Teeth Whitening Dangerous? First things first, always check with your trusted dentist before […]

How to (Easily) Pack a Healthier Lunch for Your Kids

Getting your kids to eat a healthy balanced diet is no simple task, but what your children eat and drink can have a big impact on their oral health. Packing your children’s lunches yourself helps give you control over what nutrients your child eats while they’re at school, but today’s families are busy and packing […]

Diastema Dilemma: How to Close a Gap Between Teeth

A gap between your teeth may be something you consider a characteristic of your personality and something that you love about your smile. But if that little detail is something that bothers you, or makes you feel self conscious, a little cosmetic dentistry can go a long way to restore your confidence and your smile. […]

Am I Using the Right Toothbrush and Toothpaste?

What better time than the start of a new year to check in with your smile. If you don’t love the products you’re using to clean your teeth, it’s time to find something new. There are countless options available at your local drugstore (not to mention online), and there’s guaranteed to be a toothbrush and […]

3 Simple Tells That You’re Grinding Your Teeth

Have you ever caught yourself subconsciously tapping away to the rhythm of a song in the car, not with your fingers, but with your teeth? Or maybe you have a bad habit of clenching your jaw in stressful situations and your teeth feel like they’re wearing away to nothing? It’s time to fight back – […]

Sugary Drinks are On The Decline – Here’s Why

Sugar intake can have a bittersweet effect on your health and can lead to major health risks. Americans appear to be getting the message from their dentists and doctors on the negative effects sugar can have on the body as a new study from Harvard University researchers shows Americans are drinking fewer sugary beverages than […]

Does Charcoal Toothpaste Really Work?

While we might not have foreseen the rise of dental fads, social media has taken us all to impossible-to-predict places. With the popularity of DIY teeth whitening (among other home treatments) rising on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest comes the proliferation of less-than-healthy practices. How can you tell whether something you’ve seen on the internet is […]

5 Things New Invisalign Patients Must Know

New Invisalign patients have an incredible journey ahead of them – but we understand if you’re just looking forward to your new smile. But Invisalign puts more responsibility on the patient than traditional braces, so there is a little work ahead before you reach that happy, straight grin. Fortunately, Invisalign makes things pretty simple for […]

Why Do I Have White Spots on My Teeth?

Quit hiding your smile and tackle white spots at their source A white smile is awesome – white spots on your teeth, not so much. If you’ve noticed blotchy white patches on your front teeth, you’re desperate to get your smile back to a consistent shade. But before you rush into whitening, it’s important that […]

How Successful are Dental Implants?

If you’re considering dental implants, we know there’s one big question on your mind: are they worth it? There are a few things to know when approaching implants for the first time. One – the process is going to be unlike anything you’ve experienced. And two – so are the results. There are positive and […]