BTXC-color copy FACEBOOKBotox is a unique medication that relaxes specific muscles. The purified protein prevents nerves from releasing impulses and communicating contractions to your muscles. When injected by a qualified professional, Botox will affect your muscles in an entirely predictable way, providing an escape from wrinkles, tension, and even pain. Dalton Botox is available from Dr. Billy Barton for both aesthetic and therapeutic procedures.

Botox Cosmetic

The majority of us have active foreheads. Whether we’re concentrating, expressing surprise, frowning, or even laughing, our forehead muscles play a part in many moments of our days. While this is natural, it can take a toll on our smooth skin. Repeated muscle contractions leave horizontal and vertical lines across the forehead and between the brows. As our foreheads are so prominent, these lines can make us feel less than confident about our appearances.
Dalton Botox Cosmeticbotox-1 Botox treatment will relax forehead muscles to a certain degree, allowing patients to emote without wrinkling their skin. Even unconscious muscle movements are kept in check, allowing the skin on the forehead to heal and wrinkles to reduce.

Botox Therapeutic

While widely touted as an aesthetic treatment, Botox has equally effective medical applications. The way it halts muscle contractions is unmatched by other medications. Because of this uncommon capability, Botox can allow for relief from even chronic pain. Discomfort stemming from overworked muscles is a prime target.

Botox for TMJ


Your jaw joint, or temporomandibular joint (TMJ), is composed of a number of delicate structures. When placed under unusual stress, these components can malfunction. Bruxism, chronic clenching and grinding, puts unnatural pressure on the TMJ and causes problems. The jaw feels fatigued, stiff, and painful, and even mundane activities become ordeals. Botox at the TMJ will allow the jaw to relax, especially during sleep when you would normally be bruxing. Even while you’re unconscious, your jaw will not clench.

Migraine Relief

Anyone who has experienced a migraine is aware of the way these splitting headaches disrupt lives. Botox treatment at seven points across the head and neck can be a preventive measure against recurring migraines. If you experience chronic migraines, you may qualify. Get in touch with our practice to learn more about requirements for Botox chronic migraine treatment.

Please contact our practice with any questions about the Botox procedure, Botox safety, and areas appropriate for treatment. We hope to help return your skin and your comfort to a satisfying place.

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