Patients of different age groups have such dissimilar needs, there’s no one orthodontic treatment that’s right for everyone. Adults have especially difficult criteria to meet when determining a course of treatment. They don’t want orthodontics that are noticeable, restrictive, or uncomfortable, and we don’t want those things for our patients, either. We’ve been able to help our patients achieve straighter teeth without making serious compromises. Simple orthodontic treatment is possible with Six Month Smiles.

We offer Dalton adult braces to our adult patients only; if you’re interested, get in touch. If you are seeking orthodontic treatment for your children, we will refer you to a local orthodontist.

Adults’ Priorities During Orthodontic Treatment

New-Six-Month-Smiles-Logo-SmallAs adults, we lead involved, nonstop lives. Between our professional, social, and family lives, there’s little time for an additional commitment. Six Month Smiles cuts down on the time and energy that’s typically demanded by orthodontic treatment. The system delivers a straighter smile in an average of just six months. By focusing on the teeth visible in the smile, and prioritizing movement of those teeth, Six Month Smiles dramatically reduces treatment time.

Advantages of Six Month Smiles

  • Subtle appearance – The Six Month system uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires. These blend in with your teeth to go unnoticed. A far cry from the silver and the bright bands of metal braces, our ceramic brackets will straighten quickly and quietly.
  • Speedy appointments – Six Month Smiles’ Patient Tray Kits deliver pre-attached wires and brackets, meaning you’ll be in and out of the dental chair in a flash.
  • Short treatment time – Six months is an unbelievable reduction in standard orthodontic treatment time. Not only will you be thrilled to get out of braces so quickly, but your teeth will also be healthier for spending a briefer amount of time behind brackets and wires.
  • Stellar results – Patients will wear retainers nightly to maintain their Six Month Smiles results for decades to come. They’ll enjoy all the benefits of a straighter smile for the rest of their lives.

Is Alternative Orthodontic Treatment Right For You?

invisalignAs much as we would like for it to, Six Month Smiles won’t treat every type of malocclusion. Depending on your case, we may be able to offer Invisalign as an alternative but similarly appealing treatment. In order to determine whether you’re a candidate, simply get in touch with our office. We look forward to guiding you along the path toward a beautifully straight smile.
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