Dalton restorative dentistryWe put our teeth through a great deal of daily stress. And while our teeth have been built to handle that pressure, they will eventually give in to wear and tear. A combination of harmful habits (like teeth grinding and clenching), gradual erosion, and the simple factor of time lead to teeth looking like less than their original selves.

Fortunately, Dalton restorative dentistry will tackle the rebuilding process with ease. A variety of dental restorations and techniques may be employed to bring your teeth back to a state of youthful glory. Whether your teeth are worn, damaged, or missing entirely, a solution exists at Barton Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Composite Fillings

dental bonding curing lightLong gone are the days of amalgam fillings being the only option for decay-riddled teeth. Composite fillings are made of a dental resin, and are the same color as your surrounding teeth. They are durable, and will last for decades. There will be no signs that you’ve had restorative work done – merely a beautiful smile. Composite material can also be bonded to teeth for a quick aesthetic fix, covering stains, filling gaps, and lengthening front teeth. Even better, the procedure can be performed in a single appointment.


composite fillingsWhile composite fillings can be shaped chairside, sometimes a damaged tooth calls for something extra. Inlays are indirect restorations, meaning they are fabricated in a dental lab and then bonded to the teeth in question. They may be made of porcelain, metal, or (occasionally) pre-cured composite resin. The tooth will be shaped ahead of time to allow room for the inlay. Inlays are a less involved restoration than crowns or veneers, and appropriate for moderately decayed or damaged teeth throughout the mouth.

Porcelain Crowns

Dental crown procedureCommonly referred to as a “cap,” a crown encompasses a natural tooth to strengthen and preserve it. The natural tooth may have been structurally compromised by cavities, trauma, or infection. Crowns protect that remaining portion of tooth and prevent the need for extraction. A number of crowns may also be used to rebuild severely worn teeth, reducing sensitivity and rebuilding your smile. The porcelain will match your other teeth, and the crown will be an imperceptible part of your smile. We also offer single-day CEREC crowns for patients seeking immediate restorations.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridgeIt’s not uncommon to lose a single tooth at some point in your life. Whether as a result of periodontal disease, advanced decay, or prolonged infection, sometimes teeth are unable to support themselves any longer. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to turn to more extensive restorations like dentures or partials. A dental bridge will replace a single tooth by drawing on the strength of neighboring teeth. Composed of two crowns on either side of a pontic, or false tooth, a bridge fits over adjacent teeth to fill the gap. Bridges can be an ideal way to replace single missing teeth, and can even be connected to dental implants for additional support.


denturesWe all know about dentures – so what we’d like to talk about are the advances that have been made in denture technology. The dental world is constantly evolving, and we keep up with changes to provide up-to-date care. Modern dentures are incredibly comfortable and natural looking. They will be made to fit your mouth perfectly, and will eventually feel like a true part of you. With less slipping, realistic materials, and improved function, your dentures will help you feel like you never lost your natural teeth. For an even better experience, consider pairing dentures with dental implants for unbelievable security.

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