Dalton CEREC crownsPorcelain crowns are an excellent way to rebuild damaged teeth. But the crown process can leave something to be desired. Between wearing a temporary crown, waiting for your permanent crowns to be ready, and then returning for yet another appointment, the entire process takes time. You’re eager to have your new tooth in place – why not pursue a crown that’s ready within a single day? The Dalton CEREC crowns system makes this possible.

Dental Crowns that Improve the Patient Experience

Dalton Porcelain CrownsCEREC streamlines your crown procedure by bringing crown fabrication into the office. Most crowns need to be made in a dental lab. This means the patient will visit for tooth prep, receive a temporary crown, await the permanent crown, and then return to the office to receive it. With CEREC crowns, you accomplish those four steps within a single appointment, saving you time and energy.

CEREC and CAD-CAM Technology

Dalton CEREC crownsCAD-CAM, or Computer-Assisted design-Computer-Assisted Manufacture, allows our team to create your crown within the space of our office. With the aid of specialized digital impression and milling technology, we fabricate precise restorations without making patients wait (at least, wait longer than about 30-60 minutes). We think that’s a serious improvement, and we do it without compromising results.

CEREC offers the following advantages for our patients:

  • Single-visit crowns – This saves patients time, money, and frustration. Their teeth are prepped, their crowns made, and their crowns bonded to their teeth within just a couple hours. They won’t need to schedule another visit or spend weeks anticipating their restored smile – they’ll simply walk out of our office with it in place.
  • No need for temporaries – Wearing temporaries causes patients stress and adds undue discomfort. CEREC cuts this step out entirely.
  • All-porcelain for superb aesthetics – The porcelain material of CEREC restorations is highly similar to natural enamel, and will blend well with the rest of the smile. No metal or visual signs of dental work!
  • Environmentally-friendly – Because CEREC removes the need to send impressions to a dental lab, it saves materials and shipping resources.

Your CEREC Crowns

If you’re interested in learning more about single-day crowns, simply get in touch!

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