Dalton Dental ExamsOur dental care philosophy revolves around helping you establish excellent oral health. With a strong dental foundation, a beautiful, healthy smile will be supported for a lifetime. Dalton general dentistry aims to perfect patients’ dental health. This is achieved through thorough cleanings, patient education, and ongoing communication between patients and our team. Never hesitate to ask us a question; we absolutely love sharing our dental knowledge and getting you excited about taking great care of your teeth.

Preventive dentistry is the act of stopping problems before they even exist. How is this possible? By taking such painstaking care of your teeth that bacteria, plaque, and periodontal disease never have a chance. With proper brushing and flossing, regular exams, and close attention to what your mouth is telling you, you’ll prevent cavities and spot any problems from miles away.

Dental Exams

Dentist ExaminingWhile many patients are surprised to hear us distinguish between a dental exam and a cleaning (isn’t it all the same procedure?), we’re actually accomplishing very different tasks during these two portions of a regular appointment. The dental exam monitors your teeth, gums, and mouth for any signs of disease or dental problems. We’ll take x-rays so that we can spot even early signs of decay that may be hiding in tooth cracks or fissures. Our hygienists will also physically explore your teeth to check for sticky pockets that could signify decay. Only a professional dental exam will root out every sign of decay or gingivitis – there are problems that simply aren’t visible to the naked or untrained eye.

“Regular” dental exams occur at different intervals for every patient. While the standard recommended by the American Dental Association is every six months, patients with recurring periodontal disease or other high risk factors will require more frequent exams. We’ll let you know what’s right for your teeth, and follow up to make sure we see you as often as necessary.

Teeth Cleanings

Our hygienists will clean your teeth using a dental pick, a metal tool that scrapes bacteria and plaque from your teeth. This not only improves your oral health, but also whitens tooth surfaces by removing external stains. We will also floss your teeth so that we can remove toxins from between them, as well as gauge the effectiveness of your home flossing (bleeding gums mean there’s been some neglect). After cleaning your teeth, we will polish them to add luster and brightness.

Deep Cleaning & Periodontal Treatment

Dalton periodontal treatmentJust as your teeth can succumb to decay, it’s possible for your gums to become infected. A buildup of plaque on your teeth will lead to inflamed and diseased gums. Gingivitis and periodontal disease should be taken seriously. The first step is a periodontal cleaning, or a deep cleaning.

This type of cleaning consists of scaling and root planing, two variations on the procedure that’s performed during a standard dental exam. This cleaning is more intensive, and also reaches below the gum line to remove plaque from tooth root surfaces. Periodontitis can cause pockets of bacteria to form between teeth and gums; these will need to be cleaned out for the teeth to return to health. Patients receiving deep cleanings will likely be given anesthetic so that they are comfortable during the exam. We may also place or prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection from retaking hold.

While periodontal cleaning removes present disease, those who have succumbed to periodontal problems are more likely to see their return. We will monitor your gums in the coming years to ensure they remain healthy and strong.

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