kids dental health

School absences can make or break your kids’ educations. The more often they miss class, the further behind they fall, and the harder it is to catch up. While a slew of childhood illnesses is responsible for school absences, tooth decay is actually the biggest problem.

How are our kids getting so many cavities? A big part of the problem is skipping dental exams. While their baby teeth do fall out to make room for permanent ones, the healthy development of those young teeth is key to good grades, good health, happiness, confidence, and dental function. Learn more below, and schedule exams for your entire family today. Stay proactive to keep cavities from getting the best of your kids!

Why Tooth Decay Is So Harmful to Children

  • Missed school – Cavities tend to cause dental emergencies, situations in which the dental problem is too painful or debilitating and must be dealt with immediately. This more often than not leads to your kids missing school. By planning ahead and scheduling regular exams, you have a better chance of catching these problems in their early stages, and treating them before they become too painful.
  • Lowered confidence – Your kids draw confidence from the way they look and feel, and this extends to their teeth. If they believe that their teeth make them look different from their peers, or if they feel self-conscious about cavities, they won’t feel as good about themselves and may not feel comfortable socializing or speaking up at school.
  • Poor tooth development – While baby teeth do fall out, they guide the healthy development of permanent teeth. It’s key that your kids have a healthy template for future growth.
  • Formation of dental anxiety – Childhood is the most common time for dental anxiety to form. This is because kids don’t know exactly what’s going on in the office, or understand why they need invasive treatment that might be uncomfortable to treat their cavities. By avoiding those cavities in the first place, you lower their chances of becoming scared of the office.