Dalton digital dentistryThe next time you receive a crown, it might be made by a computer. Digital dentistry is changing the way we provide care – for the better. We’re only as good as our tools, and computer-aided manufacturing makes it simpler to craft the kinds of restorations that fit and function well, in a fraction of the time.

Curios about whether digital dentistry might play a role in your treatment? Barton Family and Cosmetic Dentistry offers CEREC same-day crowns, made with CAD/CAM technology. But what do all those letters actually mean? Keep reading to get a crash course in digital dental care.

Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing

You’ll notice that this process is just “computer-aided,” not entirely computerized. That’s because it combines the expertise, aesthetic eye, and skills of a dentist with the precise capabilities of a computer. These systems take 3D impressions of your teeth, which are then used as models in milling ceramic restorations. Dr. Barton controls the overall process, ensuring a final crown that fits well and looks natural.

CAD/CAM is becoming a bigger part of every area of our lives, but it’s especially helpful in the medical sphere. With standard porcelain crowns, you have to undergo a waiting period between having your impressions taken and receiving your final crown(s). During this time, you’ll wear a temporary and have to treat the area with special care. You will need to return to the office once your new crown has come back from the dental lab.

With CEREC crowns, you complete this entire process in the space of a single appointment. You’ll be able to relax at the office, run errands, or do whatever you like during the short time that it takes for the crown to be fabricated. Then, you’ll finish up your appointment with your new tooth in place – no waiting, no temporaries, and the simplest possible path to your new smile.

If you have any questions about how digital dentistry works, just get in touch!

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