Scared of the Dentist? The Drill Could Be the Culprit

Find your heart pounding and palms sweating as soon as you step into the office? You’re not alone – children, teens, and adults alike all share dental anxiety, whether it’s minor or totally incapacitating. No matter the level of your anxiety, it may share a common source. A new study reported at the Society for […]

Secret Sugar Content That’s Harming Your Teeth

While a little sugar is necessary for healthy brain function, that sad fact is that most of us are getting way too much. Sugar makes food taste better, so it’s a common additive in many packaged products. Because its presence isn’t always noticeable, you end up consuming far more sugar than you realize. This is […]

The Best Cosmetic Dentistry Yields Natural Smiles

We’ve all seen pictures of celebrities emerging from cosmetic procedures looking a little…unnatural. While some work can be tastefully done, it’s easy to cross the line and end up in uncanny valley. This effect holds some patients back from achieving the appearance they have in mind, simply because they’re not confident that the results will […]

Are Dental Implants For Me?

Considering dental implants? Here’s what you need to know Dental implants are a big decision – and one that could potentially change your life. Educating yourself on the process before you get started will help ensure a positive experience. Make sure you’re physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to see implant success. A consultation with an […]

How Long Do Adult Orthodontics Take?

With all that you have going on every day, is there really time to straighten your teeth? There’s a lot on your plate. Is adding Invisalign going to make everything topple? While braces as an adult once felt like an impossibility, it’s no longer just a matter of metal brackets and wires. Alternate systems straighten […]

Finding the Best Dentist for Your Family

When we’re not totally happy with something, there’s not always time to change it. Your healthcare providers may not be a perfect fit, but they’re yours. That said, doing a little extra research and finding a provider you truly love improves your outlook, your health, and your feelings about your care. When you’re considering a […]

Stop Putting off Tooth Repair

Hiding from dental treatment? Here’s how to get motivated If one or more of your teeth needs a little TLC, it’s time to take action. We know how hard it can be to find time for a dental appointment, and if your tooth isn’t actively bothering you, it’s tempting to wait until it poses more […]

Get Your Family Cavity-Free This Year

Kids not smiling in the dental chair? Helping them avoid cavities will make a difference The last thing you want to hear after a dental exam is that there’s a cavity to fill. Whether it’s your own tooth or one of your children’s, you want to avoid the potential discomfort, stress, and effort that’s involved […]