Dalton restorative dentistHiding from dental treatment? Here’s how to get motivated

If one or more of your teeth needs a little TLC, it’s time to take action. We know how hard it can be to find time for a dental appointment, and if your tooth isn’t actively bothering you, it’s tempting to wait until it poses more of a problem. But hesitating could actually make things worse by the time you visit the office. If you need an extra push to schedule, check out a few reasons why tooth restoration is a pressing matter.

Reasons to Restore Your Tooth ASAP

  • Your tooth might suffer additional damage – When your tooth’s already weak, it’s at risk. Since your tooth isn’t as strong as it needs to be, daily activities like chewing can cause further cracking and lead to greater problems.
  • You’ll feel self-conscious about your smile – Confidence aids personal success and overall satisfaction. When you’re trying to hide a damaged tooth, you’re not at your best, and you feel preoccupied when at work or socializing.
  • Everyday tasks become more difficult – Speaking, biting into food, chewing, and smiling all take on an added edge when your teeth aren’t functioning properly.
  • The damaged tooth is more likely to decay – Broken edges and cracks create crevices in teeth that attract bacteria. It’s harder to clean those areas, and easier for cavities to take hold. This is especially true if an old filling breaks or falls out.
  • You avoid a pressing dental emergency – By taking action when you’re still in control, you avoid reaching a place where you’re experiencing intense pain and forced to schedule an appointment. Being proactive lets you take care of your teeth on your own schedule, without that kind of stress and discomfort.
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