Secrets to Efficient Invisalign Treatment

Hindsight is 20/20. But with a little bit of extra research and education, you can make it through an undertaking like Invisalign without any regrets. Alternative orthodontics patients love their new smiles – and they can even feel comfortable along the path toward straight teeth. Knowing exactly what to do each day is a big […]

Breaking: The Top 3 Oral Health Problems

We’re constantly discovering remarkable new things about the human body. And staying on top of official findings helps you make sure you’re treating yourself the right way. Keeping a healthy smile for life and completely avoiding tooth loss is becoming a more universal reality. By following your dentist’s tips and seeing them twice yearly, you […]

Today’s Technology Means More Accessible Braces

The orthodontic frontier is evolving – with a little help from enthusiastic techies. This year, a college student in need of straighter teeth decided to take his orthodontic treatment into his own hands. Having had braces as a child, digital design major Amos Dudley had teeth that were already primarily straight, but which had become […]

Prevent Tooth Loss – for Life

Aging doesn’t have to mean the loss of your smile. While tooth loss is still a problem for adults of all ages, its rates are falling – and it doesn’t have to claim your pearly whites. Taking daily steps toward healthy teeth will make a difference. Be sure to adopt our tips below, and schedule […]

Get the (Real) Facts on Botox

When choosing a new treatment for the first time, everything feels overwhelming. How can you know what to expect? How can you be sure you’re making the right choice? What if you regret your decision? Stop these questions from swirling through your mind by doing some home research on the procedure at hand. Botox inspires […]

Best Protection for Kids’ Healthy Teeth

You’d do anything for your kids – but you can’t always be there to protect them. Setting up a safe and healthy environment at home and in their daily activities helps you ensure that they’re always being well-cared for – and keeping their teeth in great shape, too. The world can be a dangerous place, […]

Stress-Free Dentistry: Get a New Tooth in One Appointment

Dental emergencies rarely strike at ideal moments. You’re not ready to drop everything you have going on and replace a damaged tooth – and now, you can improve upon that hectic process. Same day crown fabrication lets you restore an entire tooth, without waiting on temporaries or for your crowns to return from a far-off […]

Boost Your Breath and Your Smile By Avoiding These Bad Guys

Coffee might be a pick-me-up, but it’s a smile put-down What’s bad for your teeth? Visions of candy and cola might leap to mind, and those are definitely wise to avoid. But they’re not the only snacks that end up having a negative impact on your smile. Get familiar with some of the other foods […]

When Braces Might Not Be Necessary

Putting off straightening your front teeth because you can’t stomach the thought of braces? It’s time to learn a little more about the options that are really available. Metal brackets and wires aren’t the only way to realign teeth and improve your smile’s appearance. In the photo above, no orthodontics were involved in creating the […]