happy smiling older man rebuilt teeth with Dalton CEREC crownsDental emergencies rarely strike at ideal moments. You’re not ready to drop everything you have going on and replace a damaged tooth – and now, you can improve upon that hectic process. Same day crown fabrication lets you restore an entire tooth, without waiting on temporaries or for your crowns to return from a far-off dental lab. Instead, the entire treatment can be completed in just one visit.

Whether you’ve been through a frustrating emergency in the past, you’d like to plan ahead, or you’ve been waiting on dental work because you don’t have enough time on your hands, CEREC crowns can help. Learn more about how they work below, and get in touch if you have any questions.

 How Same Day Crowns Rebuild Smiles

  • You visit the office – As we’ve mentioned, just one appointment will be necessary – find a couple hours in your schedule when you’ll be able to spend time at the office.
  • We prepare your tooth – We need to create space for the crown to fit over your tooth. We’ll reshape it carefully to act as a post for the crown.
  • We take 3D images of the prepped tooth – Once the tooth is ready, we’ll take digital impressions that will guide the crown’s fabrication.
  • The images are sent to our digital milling machine – This machine will take the impressions, as well as input from Dr. Barton, under consideration to create the crown.
  • The machine fabricates the crown with Dr. Barton’s guidance and supervision
  • You relax in the office or run errands – It takes a little time for the crown to be fabricated, during which you’re welcome to kick back in our office, run home, or complete errands.
  • Once complete, the final crown is placed – We will cement the crown in place and complete your restoration.
  • You head home – no second appointment necessary!

 Who Can Receive CEREC?

We’ll have to take a look at your teeth and see whether this is the best method for restoration. Just schedule a consultation to learn more from our staff.

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