Dalton Botox facts and myths - man receiving Botox injectionWhen choosing a new treatment for the first time, everything feels overwhelming. How can you know what to expect? How can you be sure you’re making the right choice? What if you regret your decision? Stop these questions from swirling through your mind by doing some home research on the procedure at hand. Botox inspires its own patient anxieties – after all, a treatment doesn’t rise to popularity that quickly without developing some critics.

Put what you’ve heard about Botox aside, and start with a clean slate by getting the facts – the honest facts. Talk to your provider about any questions, and read up on some common cosmetic injections misconceptions below. If you’re looking for Dalton Botox treatment that you can trust, get in touch to schedule a consultation today.

 Common Botox Misconceptions – Separating Fact from Fiction

  • Botox isn’t safe – Botox injections contain botulinum toxin, a protein that has been in medical use for decades. It is a toxin because it stops muscle movement – but that’s why Botox is effective. When it’s properly administered by a trained provider, Botox results in only planned, predictable changes to your facial muscles that are completely safe. The medication blocks communication between your nerves and muscles, allowing the muscles to remain at rest even when you frown or clench your brows. This not only improves facial lines, but also helps soothe headaches and migraines.
  • Botox is for women only – Anyone who is the appropriate age and doesn’t have a disqualifying condition can receive Botox – and patients of all genders love its results. Male skin ages the same way female skin does, and men get similarly frustrated by wrinkles (especially if the aging is premature). More and more men are receiving Botox, with about 7% of all patients being men today.
  • Botox treats all facial lines – This injection only works on lines caused by repetitive muscle movement. If your lines are on the lower half of the face, they’re more likely to be caused by volume loss in your skin, and should be treated with dermal fillers.
  • Results are immediate – There may be subtle changes soon after your injections, but Botox will take a little time to control and lessen your muscle movements (and the accompanying lines in your skin). You’ll start seeing a difference 3-5 days after your appointment, and will see the full impact within 1-2 weeks. Wait until your Botox has taken complete hold to evaluate your results.
  • Your face will look frozen – When you have the right number and placement of injections, the results will look natural. This is one reason why it’s so key that you find a talented provider – your level of success depends on their skill. You truly can smooth wrinkles without losing any of your personality.
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