Dalton restorative dentistYou may have heard that tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body. This is absolutely true, but it doesn’t mean that our teeth are immortal. Enamel can become damaged, as time and physical forces take an unfortunate toll on our teeth. The results of wear and tear aren’t something that you have to grin and bear. With restorative dentistry, even molars can be rebuilt to their former glory. Porcelain crowns allow Dr. Barton to restore your teeth without making them look anything less than natural.

Why Dental Porcelain Makes a Big Difference

Dalton restorative dentistAs dental technology advances, we find more and more ways to create beautiful smiles. There are a number of dental materials available, and we consider porcelain to be the best bet. Dental porcelain is incredibly similar to natural enamel, in appearance and feel. The shade of your crowns will be matched to your surrounding teeth, so that they blend neatly with the rest of your smile.

Dental ceramic looks so much like natural enamel that the crowns won’t stand out as dental work. After they’ve been in place for a little while, you won’t even remember that you’ve had crowns placed. Our aim for the dental care we provide is to enhance both form and function. With porcelain crowns in place, your smile will be whole

Will Dental Crowns Rebuild My Smile?

You’ll only know whether crowns are right for your case after meeting with a professional. Dr. Barton will visually examine your teeth and take x-rays, identifying the underlying cause of the problem. We’ll not only restore your teeth, we’ll help you understand why they suffered damage in the first place. We want to do whatever we can to keep the vicious cycle of dental wear from continuing.

Ideal crown candidates have usually experienced some physical damage to the tooth in question, This may have been the result of numerous cavities, physical trauma, or gradual erosion. If your tooth isn’t strong enough to survive on its own, a crown will support its remaining structure.

The CEREC System

At Barton Family Dentistry, we offer CEREC crowns. Heard of the CEREC system before? If not, we bet you’ll be impressed by this variation on the crown procedure. With CEREC, same-appointment crowns become a possibility. We’ll have your new crowns in place before you leave the office.

We’ll prep your teeth for crowns in the normal way, providing anesthesia to prevent you from experiencing any pain. We will then take digital impressions of your prepared teeth. These 3D images are sent to a milling machine, where they act as blueprints for your crowns. Dr. Barton will make any necessary tweaks to ensure that the crowns are perfect. Then, the CEREC machine crafts your crowns from blocks of porcelain. Throughout this process, only about an hour will have passed. While you wait for your crowns to be ready, you’ll be able to relax in our office, run errands, or do anything else you please.

Once your crowns are ready, we will bond them in place. Dr. Barton will ensure that they fit perfectly within your bite, and will make minor adjustments to ensure their natural, unique appearance. We’ll perform minute shading and shaping to lend authenticity to the crowns. When the procedure is complete, you’ll be in possession of a smile that’s beautiful, natural-looking, and strong.

Dalton Restorative Dentist on Recreating Your Teeth

Every restorative dental case is different. If crowns aren’t enough, or if  you’re missing teeth, we’ll find the right solution. Get in touch with Barton Family Dentistry to begin the process.

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