Dalton general dentist How do you talk to your kids about oral hygiene? As a parent, you’re the one that your kids look to for instruction (both consciously and subconsciously) in every area of life. If you lead by example, they will follow – and oral health is no different. Parents have a massive impact on their kids’ healthy teeth – from enforcing oral hygiene, to taking them to the dentist, to providing a tooth-healthy diet.

Unfortunately, not every parent is up to the task of supporting dental health. We know that you’re different – and what to do whatever you can to ensure your kids grow healthy teeth and gums. The real problem is getting your kids excited about this oral care. We know how hard brushing and flossing can be to mandate, with your children doing everything they can to avoid cleaning their teeth. The good news is that their attitudes can change. Below, we’ve detailed some ways to reach the root of the problem by getting your kids excited about maintaining clean, healthy mouths.

Patient Education Makes All the Difference

When you don’t understand the reason for doing something, you’re much less likely to follow through. That’s human nature: we need some kind of motivation other than just a blank command. But when it comes to children’s dental care, they’re not always given all the information. Reminders to brush and floss mean a lot less when there’s no understanding of why teeth need to be cleaned.

Your kids are smart – they’ll appreciate you discussing their oral health in a clear but detailed way. Talk to them about how bacteria gather and form plaque, and how that plaque causes cavities. Link foods like sugary treats and soda to this phenomenon to keep them from indulging. Discuss the fact that taking great care of their teeth will help them avoid needing fillings at the office. When your kids are aware of the ramifications of daily brushing and flossing, they’ll be much more likely to comply.

If you’re hoping to get them more engaged and not sure where to begin, look to online resources for kids’ oral health education.

Getting Kids Comfortable with our Dalton Dental Practice

Dalton general dentistThe dentist’s office is stressful for many, both children and adults. So how do you tackle ongoing dental anxiety? By building a great relationship between the patient and dentist. Dr. Barton and our staff look forward to one-on-one discussions with your child, during which we’ll talk about their healthy teeth and the importance of oral hygiene. If your son or daughter needs a filling, we’ll discuss every step of the procedure ahead of time. This will help the child feel prepared, and he or she may even enjoy following along with the steps of treatment.

Your children are interested in the world around them, and they may be more interested in keeping their teeth healthy than you expect. We will do whatever we can to build positive dental attitudes during their childhoods, which will pay off long-term. Adults without traumatic childhood experiences in the dental chair are far more likely to escape dental anxiety.

Preventive Dentistry at Home

Get your entire family involved in oral disease prevention to foster the spirit of good health at home. By brushing and flossing together, you not only keep an eye on your kids’ habits, but also make oral hygiene a lot more fun. Schedule your dental exams on the same day so that your children can see you feeling comfortable at the office, and realize there’s nothing to fear.

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