Dalton cosmetic dentistCosmetic dentistry doesn’t have to mean overwhelming commitments. If you’re looking to make some tweaks to your grin, you could find success within a single appointment. Certain treatments will transform the look of your teeth without making you spend hours in the chair, and significant portions of your budget on elective procedures. Same-day cosmetic dentistry isn’t right for everyone: you’ll need to meet with Dr. Barton to learn whether these treatments will accomplish the look you’re hoping for.


Dalton Dentist on Choosing Dental Bonding

Although you may not know the treatment by name, it’s likely that you’ve already received a form of dental bonding. Today’s dental fillings are most often made of tooth-colored composite. If you have a white filling, then you’ve already experienced tooth bonding.

Bonding is so simple and low-commitment because it can be performed completely chairside. There’s no need to wait for restorations to return from a dental lab, and there usually won’t be any tooth prep prior to treatment. (This means no anesthesia, no shots, and no numbness!). Patients with dental anxiety who are seeking a cosmetic change find bonding especially exciting.

During bonding, Dr. Barton will compare shades of composite to your natural teeth, until he finds the color that matches perfectly. He will then shape the composite into a piece that will fit neatly into its desired spot. The surface of the natural tooth will then be textured slightly, so that the composite will adhere properly. With the aid of a bonding agent, the composite will be attached to your natural tooth, and then hardened with a dental curing light.

Patients pursue bonding in order to:

  • Close gaps
  • Cover cracks or chips
  • Reshape front teeth
  • Cover tooth roots exposed by gum recession
  • Improve tooth sensitivity
  • Whiten discolored patches of enamel

When Teeth Whitening Makes a Difference

Dalton cosmetic dentistThere are a few different ways to whiten, but doing so in-office will produce the most impressive results. When you whiten your teeth in our office, you receive the highest-strength whitening gel. Since we’re there to monitor you, and to use catalyzing technology, you’ll be able to whiten safely and leave with gorgeous results. Even patients thinking about pursuing more complex treatment sometimes find themselves completely satisfied after trying out whitening.

Whitening may seem like a fairly simple treatment, and in practice, it is simple. But the results can be much more involved than you expect. Whitening agents like hydrogen peroxide enter the pores in your tooth enamel. These often hold staining compounds that lodge themselves in your teeth after eating or drinking. As the hydrogen peroxide reacts with oxygen, it breaks up these stains and allows them to dissipate.

Am I A Candidate for Same-Day Dentistry?

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll need to meet with a cosmetic dentist before you can know for sure whether any treatment is appropriate. But there are a few pointers that will help you get an idea of whether whitening or bonding are right for your smile. In general, these treatments offer a moderate level of change. But if you’re looking to completely overhaul your smile, or if your oral health isn’t stellar, you may need to receive more involved treatment.

We want to work with you and help you achieve your cosmetic goals, in a way with which you are comfortable. If you think bonding or whitening sounds just right, we will do whatever we can to make them a possibility. Ready to schedule your cosmetic consultation? Get in touch with Barton Family Dentistry today.

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