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We strive to act efficiently in all things we do. Streamlining our daily activities gives us a little bit more of that sweet, sweet free time that we’re (pretty much constantly) struggling to find. With constantly evolving technology, it’s possible to apply the efficiency principle to every area of our lives – even dental procedures. Have you ever wished a single appointment would suffice for multi-day treatment? We feel the same way – we want our patients to be back to life as usual ASAP, with beautiful, new smiles in place. CEREC allows a few of those dreams to come true.

Improving the Standard Crown Procedure

Dental crowns are workhorses; they’re good for so many things, and necessary for countless patients with damaged or decayed teeth. Getting your crowns should be as satisfying as the end result. But the standard crown procedure mandates multiple appointments. At the first, your teeth are prepared and impressions are taken. Temporary crowns are then applied to your teeth to protect them in the interim (and fill out your smile). Once the crowns have been fabricated, you then return to your dentist to have them put in place.

Sound overly complicated? The CEREC system thinks so. By fabricating crowns in-office with CEREC’s digitized milling machine, Dr. Barton is able to reduce the entire crown procedure to a single appointment. No need to stress over your temporaries and whether one is about to break. No need to come back to the office weeks after your initial crown prep. No need to take as much time out of your life. CEREC allows patients to receive crowns without making big commitments. You already have enough of those in your life.

CEREC Crown Fabrication in DaltonDalton CEREC crowns

The CEREC system employs revolutionary CAD/CAM technology to make precise crowns in a fraction of the time.

The first steps are the same as with the standard crown procedure: Dr. Barton will prepare the tooth as normal. It will then be coated with a reflective powder, which will enable a digital impression to be taken with an infrared camera. This 3D impression is then processed by our CEREC milling machine. Dr. Barton will make any necessary tweaks to the crown’s design so that it is absolutely right. The milling machine will fabricate the crown from a piece of solid porcelain.

The milling process will take about one hour, during which you will be free to go about your day as usual. We’ll let you know when to be back at the office. Once the crown is complete, we will bond it to your natural tooth. Finishing touches will be made to ensure the fit and look are perfectly natural. With that, your crown process is complete, and you’re ready to return to your life! No second appointment, no follow-ups.

Benefits of CEREC Crowns

We’ve spent this blog post emphasizing the time-saving aspects of CEREC. But these same-day porcelain crowns have additional benefits.

  • We control the crowns entirely. Because the crowns are fabricated in our office, there’s no dealing with an outside dental lab. If there’s a problem with a crown, we can fix it right away. Dr. Barton is in complete control of the final product.
  • In-office crown fabrication conserves resources. There’s no need to ship models and crowns back and forth, saving resources and making CEREC a greener treatment options.
  • You don’t need to deal with wearing temporaries. Temporaries are inherently stressful. You don’t know if they’re about to break, or exactly which foods are appropriate to eat. Why not avoid them entirely?

Get in touch with Barton Family Dentistry with any CEREC-related questions.

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