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We’re going to start this blog post off in a pretty heavy way by asking: what’s missing from your life? That’s a serious question, and not one that restorative dentistry can answer entirely. What may surprise you is the extent to which rebuilding worn or missing teeth does effect change. Dental restorations do transform patients’ lives, in ways that you might not expect. Prior to treatment, it’s hard for patients to imagine exactly what their restored futures will be like – and they’re often pleasantly shocked by the results.

How Dental Restorations Change More than Just Your Smile

The ostensible purpose of restorative dentistry is to rebuild the appearance of your smile. But it has remarkable affects on other aspects of patients’ lives, including:

  • Confidence – How comfortable are you showing off your damaged teeth? Most patients with missing teeth or worn smiles try to hide them from the world. This involves smothered laughter and covered grins, and it prevents them from displaying their true selves. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. Once your smile is restored, you’ll experience a boost in confidence, and feel better about yourself during every moment of the day.
  • Oral health – Worn or missing teeth leave your mouth vulnerable, and open to disease. Missing teeth can also allow bone loss to take place, and your bite to shift. Putting new structures in place will help preserve your health and prevent decay or periodontitis.
  • Daily activities – Lacking teeth make it tougher to speak, chew, and emote with ease. Once your teeth are restored, you’ll regain total function and daily life will become all the simpler.
  • Social and professional comfort – With whole teeth in place, you’ll feel better partaking in social and professional interactions, and drawing attention to yourself. This is important because it helps you come off as a friendly, outgoing, and confident individual (which, in turn, triggers great first impressions).

Working with a Restorative Dentist in Dalton

Dalton restorative dentist

Before beginning the restorative process, you’ll need to make sure that you’re ready. That’s physically, emotionally, and mentally ready – and talking to a dentist will help you reach this point. Dr. Billy Barton is a talented cosmetic and restorative dentist, and would love to walk you through a potential treatment plan. Each patient’s restoration is unique, and yours may involve a single procedure or a group of treatments. Not up on your restorative dental lingo? Here are a few terms to get acquainted with before your consultation:

  • Full mouth rehabilitation – This is the process of bringing your entire mouth back to health, while also tending to the appearance of your smile. Full mouth reconstruction is necessary for patients in poor oral health with a number of dental problems.
  • Scaling and root planing – If you have periodontal disease, the accumulated plaque will need to be removed from your teeth and your gum line. Scaling and root planing (SRP) is more involved than a standard cleaning, and reaches below the gum line to remove bacteria and infected tissue. SRP may be necessary before you receive restorations.
  • Bone graft – Once a tooth is lost, the bone below it will begin to resorb, or dissolve. If you’re hoping to get a dental implant, the area will need to be rebuilt with a bone graft.
  • Crown prep – Crowns are an incredibly common dental restoration. They fit over your natural teeth, so a tooth needs to be drilled down in order to for the crown to fit. This process is known as crown prep. Since Barton Family Dentistry offers CEREC crowns, the prep and placement can be completed in one day.

Is It Time for Restorative Dental Treatment?

Only a dental professional can answer that question. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Billy Barton today.

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