Dalton BotoxAs time passes, the skin does some things that we’re none too happy about. Exposure to sunlight, repetitive muscle movement, and physical damage leads to lines forming across the face. Both fine and deep wrinkles gradually build up, aging your overall appearance.

While the skin’s aging is universal, your reaction doesn’t have to be passive. There are steps you can take to revitalize and rejuvenation your complexion – without turning to invasive or complex procedures. Rather, all the change you’re interested in can be accomplished with a single, uncomplicated, 30-minute appointment. It all lies in the power of Botox.

We’re sure you’ve heard about Botox in the past – but do you know everything that it’s truly capable of achieving? If you’re interested in smoothing your skin, but held back by worries of a frozen face or damaged muscles, we’re here with the facts. This post will counter some of the Botox myths you’ve heard in the past, and help you move forward with skin that’s satisfying and confidence-building.

It’s time to renew your skin, without losing any of its unique, natural appearance.

Why the Skin Ages

Most of the skin’s visual aging is due to sun exposure. It’s the sun’s UV rays that damage the elastin and collagen within skin, leading to loss of structure. At this point, the skin sags, and brown spots and lines form at its surface. Once exposed to enough sunlight over time, the skin struggles to bounce back to its former state, and is more easily damaged.

With the combination of muscle movement and sunlight, your skin will begin to show signs of wear, although onset is different for every individual. Wrinkles form across the forehead, around the eyes, and around the nose, mouth, and lips. It’s these wrinkles that begin to build up and make you feel less like yourself.

Subtle Smoothing of Facial Lines

Those of us unhappy with our skin usually aren’t looking for dramatic changes. You want to ease wrinkles without looking like you’ve had work done, or appearing unnatural in any way. This is why cosmetic injections are such a welcome treatment option. They make gentle changes without going overboard. And when the injection is administered by a skilled provider, results are entirely predictable.

How Botox Achieves Gentle Wrinkle Treatment

Dalton BotoxBotox breaks the communication chain between your muscles and nerves. It prevents nerves from releasing chemicals that typically cause muscle contractions. The medication will only affect the nerves at the treatment site, leaving the rest of the face able to move freely. Botox is ideal for horizontal forehead lines, vertical brow lines, and crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes. It can also tame overactive upper lips to lessen gummy smiles.

Dr. Barton will give you just enough Botox to relax wrinkles, while still leaving you able to emote as usual. Results last anywhere between 3-6 months, and repeat treatments will prevent new wrinkles from forming. If you’re interested in long-term smoothing, we’ll set up a treatment plan that keeps your skin protected.

Other Uses for Botox in Dalton

While Botox has amazing aesthetic applications, it was actually first developed as a therapeutic aid. Botox has the ability to relieve pain caused by overactive muscles. This helps with jaw disorders, migraines, and myofascial pain. Dr. Barton offers Botox to patients struggling with these problems, and frustrated by the fruitlessness of other treatment methods.

If you’re interested in Botox for any reason, please, schedule a consultation with Dr. Barton. We’ll talk to you about what you’d like to get out of treatment, and decide if Botox is the answer to your problem.

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