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Remember: you control the foods that your kids eat. Why not invest in some healthy snacks?

Your kids are always on your mind – and you work so hard to make sure they’re getting everything they need. Problem is, we sometimes don’t realize that there’s a gap in our awareness.

There’s a lot to remember when it comes to getting your child the preventive healthcare he or she should receive. It may be time for a refresher. The Center for Disease control just released a report on the lack of appropriate preventive care children have been receiving. And this isn’t due to the kids – it’s due to the parents. In 2009 alone, 56% of children and adolescents did not visit the dentist. At the same time, 86% of that group didn’t receive sealants or topical fluoride.

A lack of preventive care today could mean more serious (and painful) problems down the line. And if you can ever keep your children from experiencing discomfort, you’re interested. Our Dalton dentist can help. By getting regular dental exams for your kids, you keep the whole family’s oral health in check.

In the meantime, read on for some home dental tactics that will keep your kids’ grins looking bright, healthy, and happy.

Why Great Oral Health Today Means Happiness Tomorrow

Dalton dentistNobody likes getting a cavity filled. Between the ache of tooth decay, shots of anesthesia, and drilling during the procedure, there’s little room left for fun. That’s why we recommend avoiding cavities in the first place.

By keeping your kids from having to experience pain in the dental chair, you help them view the dentist’s office as a friendly place. When they move forward in their lives with a positive attitude toward oral care, they become far more comfortable with future exams and dental treatment. If you could save your kids the anxiety and frustration that stem from a fear of the dentist, you’d jump at the chance. And it’s really as simple as finding a dentist that provides gentle, caring, and communicative care.

Simple Cavity Prevention for Your Children

  • Remember that you control the family’s diet – You can dictate how tooth-friendly your kids’ meals and snacks really are. Make choices that are low in sugar, but still nutritional and tasty. If you build a healthy diet for your family, your kids will grow up with an appreciation for the flavor of fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, nuts, and other foods that build a great foundation for the body.
  • Check in on everyone’s brushing and flossing – Do your kids disappear when asked to clean their teeth? Check in with their brushing and flossing to make sure they’re up to snuff (and to make sure they’re actually happening). You can brush and floss alongside your kids to involve yourself in the process.
  • Talk about the positive effects of good hygiene – Help your kids learn more about what excellent oral hygiene will do for their lives. Discuss how plaque is formed, and how it gives rise to acids that damage the teeth and gums. If your kids understand exactly what they’re scrubbing away from their teeth, they’ll be more excited about getting their pearly whites good and clean.

While cavity prevention is ongoing (and important) at home, it should be supplemented by visits to our Dalton dentist. Only a dental professional can recognize the early signs of cavities, gum disease, and other issues. And catching those problems ASAP is the key to avoiding complex or potentially uncomfortable dental procedures.

Is it time for your next family appointment? Schedule exams for your kids (and yourself!) by getting in touch with our practice online, or calling us at (706) 226-3404.