You have enough to deal with without facing down cavities at each dental exam. But many of us find that recurring decay shows up again and again, even with tweaks to home habits. Ready to leave dental problems behind? Start with a group of health-boosting approaches that will help you make a difference.

Everything you eat and drink has an impact on your dental health – and your teeth and gums need your help to stay strong. Check out the visual guide we’ve put together to discover a way forward that doesn’t include annual cavities. As always, nothing beats the guidance of your dentist – now is a great time to schedule your next exam. Get that appointment on your schedule and you’ll hold yourself better accountable in the meantime. There’s no better flossing motivator than a dental exam looming.

How to Treat Your Teeth with Respect

Show Your Teeth Some

Discovering Weak Spots in Your Oral Health

Everyone’s teeth are different, and have a wide range of needs. What works for your friend or family member might not have the same impact on your enamel. This is just one reason why personalized guidance is key. Your dentist knows what’s best for your smile, and wants to help you achieve lifelong oral health. Make sure to ask specific questions at your next exam that will help you get action-oriented tips. Some great queries include:

  • Should I be using a different toothbrush or toothpaste?
  • Should I use a mouthwash?
  • Would I benefit from fluoride treatment?
  • What areas of my mouth am I missing during oral hygiene?
  • Am I grinding my teeth and do I need a night guard?
  • Am I at risk of gum disease?

No matter which questions you have, we’re ready with answers – contact our front desk today for help.

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