Got a Coke on your desk for lunchtime? Use soda to get through the sleepy afternoon hours at work? Planning on getting a soft drink at the movie you’re seeing this weekend? This is a great opportunity to change things up. Coke is bad news for your teeth and for your body – but we know how hard it can be to give it up, or even cut back.

That’s where your dentist comes in. We can help you reduce your soda intake and find healthier alternatives to problematic beverages. Start your new habit by taking a look at the infographic below. If you’re not sure what step to take next, scroll down for some additional advice on leaving Coke behind. If you’re looking for personalized guidance, schedule your next exam today!

Why Soft Drinks are a Problem for Teeth

Dalton Pop and Teeth infographic

Other Benefits of Cutting Back on Coke

In addition to being dangerous to your enamel, soda is unhealthy for your entire body. Even if you’re drinking diet soda to reduce the number of calories, there are still health risks. The artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas have stronger, sweeter flavors than actual sugar. This can lead to naturally sweet foods tasting less delicious, with your taste buds being dulled to healthier options. And studies have shown that, over time, artificial sweeteners trigger insulin the same way sugar does, which can lead to weight gain. Diet sodas are also associated with a heightened risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

If you’re ready to start cutting down soda, remember that it’s probably not best to go cold turkey. If you’re drinking caffeinated Coke, this will be especially difficult – you’ll be in withdrawal for both caffeine and sugar. This will make you feel exhausted and cranky during the day and make work pretty painful. It’s typically best to slowly reduce the amount of Coke you drink, and transition to a different drink along the way.

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