Your kids get everything they need from you – including help building healthy teeth. But with all the changing recommendations that you’re constantly hearing about how to care for kids’ smiles, how can you know what to do? What’s going to lead to long-term happy grins and good habits?

Obviously an infographic isn’t going to solve all your problems – but it can serve as a quick reference. This graphic has information on every step of tooth development, plus ways to get your kids excited about brushing, flossing and eating right.

Convincing children to make their teeth a priority can be an uphill battle – let us help you along the way. Just get in touch with any questions that you have for our staff.

What to Expect from Kids’ Tooth Development

Dalton Kids Dental Health - Infographic

Avoiding Missteps with Tooth Development

If your child’s tooth development doesn’t follow this chart to the letter, don’t panic. The best thing to do in these cases is check in with their dentist. If you’re struggling to pick a dentist for your child, it can be a good idea to talk to their pediatrician and ask about someone they’d recommend for your child’s needs.

Every kid is different – some are going to feel comfortable at the dentist’s office, or even excited about visiting! Others will fight tooth and nail to put off their appointments, doing everything short of attaching themselves to the car seat. No matter how comfortable or anxious your child is, we can help you encourage them toward a healthy attitude toward dentistry.

Why Dental Health is Crucial During Childhood

While baby teeth do fall out, they’re still incredibly important. These teeth guide the development of the permanent teeth. Healthy primary teeth help ensure healthy adult teeth. And cavities or other dental problems can cause self-consciousness and difficulties socializing for kids. So it’s always best to build great health from the start.

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