Dental implants are expensive, right? It all depends on your perspective. If you’ve been resisting the thought of implants due to the price tag, looking at your dental restoration a little differently can make your path all the clearer. By investing in dental implants today, you could actually save a great deal in the future – and not just financially (although that is a big part of the advantage).

Implant patients receive the most comprehensive tooth replacement option available. Their implants last for many years to come, and support a variety of restorations along the way. If you’re missing one tooth, some teeth, or all of your teeth, implants could be a valuable part of your treatment. The only way to know whether you’re a candidate is to schedule a consultation. Before your appointment, keep reading to learn more about how implant patients benefit from their chosen tooth replacement.

Why the Dental Implant Investment is Worth It

Dalton dental implants infographic

Envisioning the Best Future for Your Oral Health

We want all our patients to keep their beautiful smiles for life. But when tooth loss strikes, it doesn’t mean that you should give up on your healthy efforts. Arming yourself with dental implants is one of the simplest ways to start rebuilding healthy teeth and gums. Because implants connect directly with your jaw bone, they make it possible to protect your bone density and help prevent bone from resorbing. Implants also allow for freestanding restorations that don’t sap the strength of adjacent teeth (as bridges do).

Because the implant process takes some time, it’s always better to start sooner rather than later. You may also require preparatory treatments like a bone graft or periodontal treatment before an implant can be placed. If you’re ready to learn more, reach out today to speak with our staff.

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