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Drinking water throughout the day is easy, free, and great for your teeth

(and your entire body)!

We’ve all got so much going on! Family, work, friends, and the small amount of free time that we manage to scrape together pretty much consume our days. What we end up lacking tends to be our self care. There’s just not always enough time to make sure our bodies and minds are doing great – so it’s important to simplify.

Our Tunnel Hill dentist offers some tips to help make this possible. Your oral hygiene and dental care shouldn’t take up a significant amount of your time; they just don’t have to. By making sure your home cleaning is effective, treating your teeth with respect, and scheduling regular exams, you’ll see a healthier smile on the horizon (without spending days on it).

Simple Steps Toward Stellar Oral Health

  • Drink water! – What’s the beverage you turn to throughout the day? We all have our own preferences, but some are better than others. Water is always a great choice for your teeth, as it helps remove food particles and acids that can damage enamel. Drinking water regularly will also help you avoid headaches and stay hydrated.
  • Set flossing reminders – Find yourself forgetting to grab the floss? Set a nightly reminder on your phone, or put a message on your bathroom mirror. Flossing is so important for tooth and gum health, and it goes too often overlooked.
  • Respect your teeth – Treat your teeth carefully: never use them as tools, eat right, clean them properly, and make sure you’re not grinding your teeth at night. The more respect you give them, the longer they will last!
  • Check in with us on schedule – You should schedule dental exams every 6 months so that we can catch signs of problems early on – before they become more serious.


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