Tunnel Hill dental implantsBone strength is something that should always be a priority – but we don’t always realize how losing teeth affects our osseous framework. Like other bones, your jaw bones require some exercise and activity to stay strong. When a tooth and its root are lost, you’ll lose support from that area. The bone in the area isn’t stimulated by chewing, and it begins to dissolve.

Fortunately, there’s a tooth replacement option that will both prevent that bone loss and rebuild your entire tooth. A dental implant is the most comprehensive restorative option available – and it could be the ideal treatment for your smile. If you’re looking for Tunnel Hill dental implants, you’ll be pleased to learn that Barton Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is close to home. Find directions to our practice below, and then fill out the contact form to connect with our staff for your own implants consultation.

How Dental Implants Impact Bone Loss

When the jaw bone begins to atrophy, you lose supporting structures. Your facial appearance changes without that bone scaffolding beneath. This leads to premature aging in addition to tooth loss – which no one deserves.

If you’re wearing dentures or partials after tooth loss, bone tissue can still resorb because the restoration doesn’t connect with the jaw bone. Continual bone loss in the area can lead to exposed nerves, a fractured jaw, and an inability to continue to wear dentures. By choosing implants before that happens, you can avoid requiring a bone graft and an extended healing period down the line.

Bone Loss with Peri-Implantitis

There is a rare issue that some dental implant patients face, in which the area around the implant becomes infected and bone loss occurs. Peri-implantitis can be avoided by quitting tobacco, engaging in excellent oral hygiene, and preventing the formation of gum disease.

If you ever have questions about implant or your restorative care, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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