Ringgold teeth whitening

A whiter smile makes you feel more confident and look younger – help it last longer to reap the rewards!

After whitening your teeth, you might feel like a whole new person. You’re not wrong to think that things have changed – you’ll not only feel happier with your teeth, but others will notice your smile a little quicker, and treat you a bit differently. Unfortunately, whitening results don’t last forever, but there are steps you can take to encourage their longevity. Read on for some tips on making your Ringgold teeth whitening really count.

Not quite at the smile you’ve been hoping for? Schedule an in-office whitening appointment to lift years of stains from your grin. It takes just one whitening session.

Helping Whiter Teeth Last

  • Avoid dark-colored drinks – Coffee, red wine, and cola contain staining compounds that become lodged in enamel’s porous surface.
  • Use a straw when possible – If you use a straw to consume darker beverages, then you have a lower chance of staining your teeth (since the liquid doesn’t wash over them).
  • Brush and floss thoroughly – Brushing and flossing removes bacteria and plaque from your teeth before they can set into the enamel.
  • Use whitening touch-ups – Dr. Barton will give you a home whitening kit that allows you to do some gentle whitening on your own and prolong your results.
  • Schedule regular exams – Your hygienist removes plaque from your teeth, whitening your smile (and keeping it healthy!). Schedule an exam every 6 months to get the fullest possible benefits.

Choosing Ringgold Teeth Whitening

Whiter teeth are simple to gain, with whitening being the most popular cosmetic dental procedure. Join the ranks of patients who have found their ideal smiles – all with just a little hydrogen peroxide. Schedule today!

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