family dentist Ringgold Your oral health is a crucial part of your entire well-being – so we do we so often overlook our teeth and gums? Part of the reason is their seemingly innocuous nature. Dental problems can always be fixed, right? While dental care has made significant strides, and we’re proud to be able to rehabilitate worn or diseased smiles, don’t you want to keep your grin in great shape in the first place? If so, our Ringgold family dentist has a few helpful tips – and they start with cutting soda out of your diet.

We make countless choices about food and drinks on a daily basis, and all those choices affect our teeth (some more positively than others). When it comes to tooth-friendly snacks, soda definitely doesn’t make the list. By being aware of the effects that soft drinks and other acidic, sugary beverages have on your teeth, you can boost your health in a simple, impressive way.

Making Your Oral Health a Priority

Your teeth are strong (after all, enamel is the hardest substance in the body), but they’re not impervious to harm. Every time you eat or drink, the food/liquid in question spends some time in your mouth. During that period, food particles become lodged between your teeth, and staining compounds stick in your porous enamel. By making the right choices, you can limit the damage done during snacking and mealtimes – and maybe even give your enamel a little help.

Soda is public enemy number one. Both sugar-filled and acidic, even diet drinks end up eroding your enamel.

family dentist Ringgold

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