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Hiding from a missing tooth? Taking fast action will help you prevent further dental problems

While many of us have problems with procrastination, that can end up hurting us – especially when it comes to dental problems. If you have a cavity or gingivitis, the longer you wait to pursue treatment, the worse the issue will become. Missing teeth are even more serious. While we understand that issues like dental anxiety can keep patients out of the office, take this opportunity to motivate yourself toward treatment.

Ringgold dental implants will help prevent the significant dental problems that can stem from missing teeth. If you’ve lost a tooth recently, or if it’s been a little while, you could be an implant candidate: just get in touch to learn more.

Why Replace Missing Teeth Right Away

As soon as a permanent tooth leaves your mouth, distinct changes start taking place. Some of these include:

  • Bone loss – Your teeth support your jaw bone, and connect directly to the osseous tissues. When you lose a tooth, that area of your jaw bone loses a source of support. Without the tooth root in place, your bone tissue begins to resorb (dissolve). This weakens your jaw structure, and can actually change the appearance of your face and cause skin to sag.
  • Heightened risk of decay and gum disease – The gap left behind by a missing tooth is a breeding ground for bacteria, putting your mouth at a higher risk for dental disease.
  • Shifting bite – Your teeth will gradually move toward the empty space, disturbing your entire bite. This can lead to crookedness and poorly-fitting jaws.
  • Discomfort – It doesn’t feel good when all these changes are taking place. Chances are, you experienced pain before losing your tooth, and now the discomfort is continuing.

There’s a simple way to avoid these hassles – contact us to learn more about restorative dentistry.

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