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Are your kids sports fanatics? Make sure their teeth are protected from damage

We tend to take our teeth for granted. While they may seem indestructible, our smiles are always at a risk of being damaged. Of course, some situations are a little more dangerous than others. If you spend a lot of time on the athletic field, or if you grind your teeth, you could benefit from a custom mouth guard.

Our Fort Oglethorpe family dentist is all about prevention. If you can stop a problem from happening, you can avoid the stress, expense, and discomfort that would accompany that dental emergency. Read on for some tips on avoiding catastrophe, and to learn a little more about what mouth guards have to offer.

Family Dentist on Protecting Your Smile

Your teeth appreciate a little TLC. Be sure to never use your teeth as tools – only for chewing food. It will take just a moment longer to grab a pair of scissors or a bottle opener instead, and could save you a frustrating late night trip to the office or the ER.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to consider whether you might need a mouth guard. The two common types include:

  • Night guard – If you grind your teeth at night, getting a guard will help protect your enamel from erosion and your gums from receding. How can you tell if you’re grinding? Dr. Barton will spot the warning signs during your exams, but you can also check in with yourself in the morning to see if your teeth or jaws are sore (or if you tend to wake up with headaches).
  • Sports guard – Contact sports often result in a blow to the teeth, damaging your smile and demanding potentially complex care to fix the problem. If you wear a guard, you can help avoid both dental problems and concussions.
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