Fort Oglethorpe dental implants

Dental implant success depends on a few factors. Your home cleaning during healing is one of the most crucial. You really do determine how long your implants last, and how quickly you heal after surgery. It’s therefore key that you have all the tools and information you need to engage in proper cleaning and home care.

Fort Oglethorpe dental implants have a high success rate, but great oral hygiene during the healing is absolutely necessary for them to succeed. The way you treat your teeth is so important – never overlook your brushing and flossing, especially after oral surgery. If you ever have questions about what you should be doing to support your dental recuperation, just get in touch.

Home Care and Healing after Dental Implant Surgery

We’ll give you personal instructions for how you should help along your healing. If you’re ever uncertain about an aspect of the recovery process, don’t hesitate to call us. These general tips apply to most implant patients:

  • Maintain excellent oral hygiene – You need to provide proper hygiene in order for your implant and bone structure to fuse properly. If your hygiene is on point, you can see your implant & restoration lasting more than 40 years (and often the rest of your life). The six months after your surgery are when osseointegration takes place, and you should be especially diligent during this period.
  • Take OTC pain medication – This will help with swelling of your gums and face, and help with any discomfort (avoid aspirin, as it can prolong bleeding/prevent clotting). Dr. Barton may prescribe something stronger if necessary.
  • Eat properly – Avoid hot foods and drinks for the first day. Then, for 5-7 days, eat only soft foods to protect the surgical area.
  • Avoid tobacco – Smoking can cause implant failure (among many other systemic and oral health problems). If you are a tobacco user, take your implant healing period as an opportunity to cut back or quit entirely!


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