Chatsworth dental implants

A full smile helps you look young at any age

Anti-aging is clearly an American pastime. With the number of treatments, lotions, and rejuvenating measures on the market, it’s hard to ignore just how many of us are trying to retain our youthful looks. What if we told you that keeping your teeth healthy is one of the most important ways to maintain a fresh face?

Tooth loss is still a major issue among adults, even with improvements in patient education and dental care. And if you’re facing down a missing tooth, there’s one treatment method that offers more comprehensive replacement and rehabilitation. Chatsworth dental implants will rebuild the area and you preserve your appearance and oral health. Read on to learn what tooth loss changes about your face, and get in touch to learn more about implants.

How Tooth Loss Ages You

  • Bone loss – Your teeth connect to your jaw bones. When a permanent tooth is lost, the jaw bone in that area no longer has the same source of support, and begins to resorb (dissolve). Bone density helps ensure that your jaw stays strong, that you don’t suffer fractures, and that your bone structure remains consistent.
  • Changing facial structure – When bone loss takes place after you lose a tooth, your face begins to change. The gap left behind, paired with the resorbing bone, lead to your skin sagging and hollows forming on your face.
  • Appearance of your smile – Your teeth typically play a significant role in first impressions. If all yours aren’t in place, that sends negative messages. People will judge you by the gap in your smile, and will probably believe that you are older than you actually are.

Combating these problems is simple: choose implants soon after tooth loss. Learn more from our staff.

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