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Is cosmetic dentistry worth the effort? What does your smile say?

What’s the Deal with Cosmetic Dentistry?

While dentistry wasn’t always an exciting prospect, it’s getting more and more interesting. Once upon a time, dental care existed solely as a means of treating disease. Today, we can do much more than pull teeth and remove cavities. Subtle dental treatments techniques will help you seize the smile that you’ve always wanted – and bring big changes into your life. Our Chatsworth cosmetic dentist is ready to renovate your teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry might sound too good to be true, with exaggerated results. How can a few dental changes lead to something bigger, or even all-encompassing? The answer lies in the weight we place on smiles. Your teeth important to your own feelings, and also just as key in the feelings of those around you. We draw self-value from our appearances, and others look to them to form first impressions.

Your Smile and Your First Impressions

Chatsworth cosmetic dentist

We all judge each other – make sure others are forming the right impressions!

Think about the last time you met someone new. What was the first thing you noticed about them? For many, it’s their teeth – which we tend to remember better than the words they actually said. Our smiles are literally and figuratively speaking for us! We need to make sure they’re conveying the right messages.

People can make assumptions about us that are completely unfair, especially if they’re basing them on our teeth. Crooked, stained, chipped, or otherwise flawed teeth make us seem older and less capable. In turn, we hide our teeth to keep their appearance from getting noticed, which detracts from friendliness and sociability.

When you choose cosmetic dentistry, you’re choosing to leave these frustrations behind. All you need to do is schedule a consultation to get started.

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